Friday, 3 March 2017

Best Mobile Video Broadcasting Apps

Sharing videos over instant messaging applications is quite a regular thing. However, a new trend of live broadcasting is catching up pretty fast. More and more people these days seem to be going live using one of the available platforms. If you also want to go live, you can choose one of the available apps. Here are the best mobile, video-broadcasting applications.


When we talk about live streaming, Periscope is perhaps the first name that crosses our minds. The app was introduced a couple of years ago and became exceedingly popular in a very quick time. Its popularity resulted in its acquisition by Twitter. You can use the app to live stream the videos privately only to your friends and followers. It also allows you to live stream publicly to the rest of the world. You can enhance the videos with filters and overlays.  You can easily get this app from the official app stores. If you need Periscope for PC, you can install an Android emulator on your computer.


When the Facebook live feature was first introduced, only the celebrities and famous people were seen going live. However, soon, common people like us started realizing that they could go live too. This is the reason why we see just about anyone going live these days. This feature is free and you can use it if you have the Facebook mobile app on your device. You don’t need anything special to go live. All you need is a good quality internet connection. Facebook app is available on almost all mobile platforms.


Livestream isn’t a free app like the other two in the list. But, it sure is very effective. If you like to go live casually, perhaps you will not want to spend money on the app subscription. However, if you are a professional and broadcast yourself for some serious purposes, nothing can beat this application. It is a complete solution for all your live broadcasting needs. The base plan for this app starts at $42. It is available on iOS and Android devices. It is indeed the finest live streamingapplication we have.


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