Sunday, 27 November 2016

Can I use FaceTime on Android?

FaceTime is one of the most desired video calling apps of today. Designed and developed by Apple Inc., FaceTime allows you to make high-quality, HD video calls all over the world free of cost. All you need is an internet connection or Wi-Fi to use it.

Many Android users want to have FaceTime on their phone to make video calls. After all, it is such an incredible app that everyone wants to own it. Unfortunately, FaceTime is only available on the Apple devices with minimum required version of iOS or OSX. There is absolutely no way you can use FaceTime on your Android phone.

This might be disappointing to many. But there is one truth. Since FaceTime is available only on the supported iOS and OSX devices, therefore it is very limited in terms of accessibility. On the other hand, there are some really cool alternatives of FaceTime that are available platform and can be used to connect to Android devices. Here are some of them.


One of the oldest video calling apps, Skype is a name everyone knows. Not only can you make video calls but you can also make voice calls and send text messages, pictures, and files. It is a cross platform app available on both iOS as well as Android. So, this is one great alternative to FaceTime you can have on your Android phone.

Google Duo

Google Duo was launched only a couple of months ago and is now already very popular. This app is dedicated to video calling and might be the best alternative of FaceTime application for Android, it has focused on the basics required to make high quality video calls.

The interface of Google Duo is pretty simple. This makes this app extremely easy to use. It also offers great performance too.


Messenger by Facebook is another alternative to look for. This free app allows you to make video and voice calls to your Facebook friends. You can also chat with them or send images and videos. This app is also pretty easy to use. You just need to hit the ‘video’ button at the after selecting the contact. You can make group video calls as well.