Saturday, 8 October 2016

iMessage for computer – How to download and use

We want to use the latest apps on our smartphones these days. There is no doubt that the smartphones and apps have changed the world completely. There is one application which has been always there for decades. It is called instant messaging. Today, there are lots of instant messaging apps but not all of them are as popular as WhatsApp or iMessage.

Any app that Apple develops becomes famous. This is because they create the apps for the users. iMessage app is one such instant messaging app which is very popular among the Apple users. This messaging application is not only fast but also very secure. It also comes packed with a number of great features.

The App is meant only for iOS and OSX users. However, there is a workaround that will help you use it on your Windows PC as well.

iMessage for OSX or Mac computer

Let’s first see how this app works on the Mac computer. The fact is that it is a built-in application with the OSX and iOS devices. However, if you uninstalled it for any reason and need to reinstall it, you can follow these simple steps:

-          Visit the App Store
-          Search with ‘iMessage’
-          You will be given the option to download the app

This is how you can get the app on your Mac computer.

iMessage For Windows PC

Officially the app isn’t available to the Windows PC user. But there is no need to worry. You can circumvent the rules and use iMessage on Windows based computers as well. Just make sure that you have Windows 7 and above.

Here is how you can get it on your computer:

-          First of all you will need to find a reliable OSX emulator for your computer.
-          Emulator is a software program that creates the Mac environment right on your Windows PC.
-          This means that you can use your Windows computer as you would use Mac
-          iPadian is a good and trustworthy emulator.
-          Install this emulator and launch it
-          The desktop will convert into Mac environment
-          Now you can search for iMessage in the search box and install it.