Thursday, 14 April 2016

Top Trending Sound Mixing Apps for your iPhone

One of the top features of today’s Smart Phones particularly of that of iPhones is the ability to modify and mix music and other audio files.  People want to experiment with the music and other stuff and at times add different sounds to create something funny.  There are several Applications available in the market to help the users to achieve this hobby.  Some of best available audio editing software available for download is following:

VC Audio Pro:

Originally designed for broadcasters this is a very powerful application to mix and edit audio files.  This application has a fee of $6.99 and there is hardly anything that this software can’t do in terms of editing.

Record & Editor:

You can record then edit, rearrange and cut and even tweak the microphone sensitivity using this application.  This comes for a fee of $2.99 and is both what you call a casual fun application as well used in professional environment to increase microphone sensitivity useful for the journalists.


This is essentially a music application which provides you with special ‘Smart’ Instrument Support and even Drum support.  This application comes for a charge of $4.99.  You can create a new song using its feature or tweak existing like a Jam session and share your creations with friends and family for fun. Now, you can run Garageband on Windows using Android Emulator.

Voxie Pro Recorder:

It is a professional Application useful for people who need to record dictations or speeches or any kind of professional discussions for later use.  It has a very good navigation system making it easy to use and a liberty to record as much as you want to make life easy for the user.

Hindenburg Field Recorder:

If you a field professional and need to record stuff then edit it accordingly, this is what you require.  It comes for $29.99 though but it Undo, Redo and Cutting features without damage to the original file makes it a good purchase.

Pocket WavPad:

You can record any sound and then add impressive effects to it and share it with anybody you want to. It is comparatively lower in cost too

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